We offer:

  • Dog Walking:  1 hour minimum group walks (small groups only) in local parks/woods. As we can get a little bored with walking the same routes every day we think it's possible your dogs do too.  We therefore offer varied walks in local parks/woods to enhance your dogs stimulation and enjoyment and we play brain games with those that enjoy it.  We keep the number of dogs in a group restricted so we can give them our full attention and have better control.  

    For group walks, your dog cannot have aggression issues with humans/other dogs. If this is the case, we can recommend someone who specialises in dogs with aggression issues. Shorter walks may also be available by request.
Please note that for the safety of all the dogs in our care we are unable to group walk any bitches in season.

  • Weekend/Holiday Home from Home Boarding:  Some dogs get very stressed by being in kennels so we offer a loving, secure, home boarding environment for your dog while you are away.  Your dog(s) will stay with us in our home when you go on holiday or away for the weekend and this service includes a minimum of 1 hour walk (or less, if your dog requires it), play, and lots of tender, loving, care and cuddles. As we don't have young children, we are able to accept the older dog who wants a quiet life, or those that are unfamiliar with children. 

    Prior to you going away, we encourage you to visit us in our home with your dog so you can both get to know us and the environment.  For those dogs that don't already know us, we also offer an afternoon's board (including a walk where appropriate) or a 24hr trial stay prior to the first time you go away so we can ensure your dog is comfortable with us beforehand.  

    So we can give your dog(s) our full attention, we follow the new government legislation and restrict our number of dogs (including resident dogs and those in daycare) to the number of designated rooms we have so please contact us as soon as possible for availability.  
Please note we cannot "group" home board any un-neutered dogs/bitches in season unless by special arrangement.
  • Day Care:  We offer a loving, secure, home environment for your dog/puppy when you can't be there.  We include an hour's walk (or less if your dog/pup requires it).  We will play enrichment games and treat your dog/pup as one of our own. You are welcome to drop them off with us from 07:30am or we will collect them in our air-conditioned car between 9 and 10am.  For anything over 8 hours there will be a small additional cost.
  • Daytime Home Visit/Cat Visits:  For the older dog or one who's convalescing and so doesn't require a long walk we can come to your home to let them out for a toilet break, play with them, give them lots of tlc, any medication they may need and whatever else they may require.  
    For cats, we will come to your home for a minimum of 30 mins to feed, play with, give any medication as directed, and, of course, lots of tlc.  We are also happy to pick up your post, turn lights on and off, water any houseplants that need it and open/shut curtains as per your specifications, while we are there.
  • Evening Home Visit:  If you're worried about leaving your dog home alone while you go out for the evening, we can pay them a visit of at least 30 minutes at your home to let them into the garden, feed them, play and give them lots of TLC or whatever else they require to help break the evening up.
  • Puppy Visits and Socialisation:  Puppies need a lot of attention and can't be left alone too long in their early months, so we offer puppy visits for 30 mins minimum, where we'll let your puppy out for a toilet break, clear up any little accidents (if necessary), feed (if necessary), do some basic training (if you would like us to) cuddle and play with your pup before securely shutting him/her in their designated area again. 
    As your pup gets older and is able to go out, we can include short walks within the pup visit time, until they're old enough (6 months minimum) and ready to join us on our longer group walks which will help enable them to become a happy, confident adult.
  • Petsitting:  It may also be possible for us to petsit in your home while you are away. Please contact us to discuss.  
  • Other Services:  Though we specialise in dogs/cats, if you have any other pets that you'd like us to look after while you're away, please contact us as we should be able to assist you. If, however, we can't, we will be able to recommend someone we trust who can.
Whichever service you require, we will meet you and your dog/cat at your convenience, either at your home or ours.  During this meeting you can get to know us and we will be asking you about your pet's needs, their routines, favourite toys, games and treats, as well as all the important details such as any medications they may require, their vets details and whether or not you'd like us to let your dog/s off lead on their walks.