WANTED: Like minded people to either assist one of the existing team or to set up full time in an area of your own.  You will have support and be trained, insured and provided with business cards/flyers/a presence on the website etc.  You will be self-employed and will pay 20% of your income from bookings to Debby which is competitive across the industry.

You must be passionate about the well-being of the dogs/pets in your care over and above any income you receive and fully appreciate the responsibilty that comes with looking after other peoples pets.  Ideally, you'll be mature and be able to support yourself independently of the business while you are building your client base.  If you wish to offer daycare and home boarding you must be willing to apply for the legally required license from your local council with Debby's support to help you get through the 30 pages of Defra regulations and guidance and the associated paperwork we have now have to provide for it.

You cannot be away from home for more than 3 hours at a time and you must also have your own air-conditioned car and a secure garden.  

Please email me telling me a bit about yourself, your circumstances and why you'd like to work with dogs/pets.